"Being Atticus Finch" Community Engagement Plan

April 24, 2015 5:30-8:30 p.m.

Kickstand Charlotte Burgers-n-Bar

Charlotte, NC

     The goal of my community engagement is to connect the public defenders in Charlotte with the community in which they serve. Do to this, I planned an event at a local restaurant and will be showing my film, photographs, information about my project, my website and polaroids of everyone that works in the office.

     I will show the film three times throughout the evening so people can come to the event at any time. Kevin Tully, Mecklenburg County Chief Public Defender, will offer opening remarks about public defense and his office. I will have four laptops set up and connected to tvs for people to explore my website. Along the walls will be easels set up to display photographs I have taken throughout my project. The final component on display will be the polaroids I have taken of members of the Mecklenburg office stating why they believe public defense is important, why they chose to work in public defense or what they enjoy most about working in public defense. I would like the community to see the variety of people working in the office and the varying reasons they choose to do the work they do.

     I will have a variety of food for the guests and beverages will be available to purchase. I am going to have event postcards made to publicize the event in the office, with the clients and throughout Charlotte. My hope is that by bringing people together to see my project, a dialogue about the importance of public defense can be started.

*Images from the event will be posted after the event occurs*